Foundries vary widely in the following categories, and the foundry's market niche is determined by these variables:

1. The casting processes they use

2. The metals they cast

3. The size range of castings produced

4. Degree of mechanization of their equipment

5. Degree of modernization of facilities and equipment

6. Use of state-of-the-art foundry technology

7. Adaptation of advanced manufacturing methods, such as "Lean Manufacturing", JIT production, etc.

8. Quality System Certifications, such as ISO 9001-2000, or other universally recognized standards, or industry-specific standards

9. Education and experience level of their staff, specific to their casting processes and the metals they cast

10. Secondary processes done in-house, such as heat treating, machining, and non-destructive testing

11. Financial strength

12. Production capacity

13. Price

14. Lead time

15. On-Time delivery record

16. Internal scrap rate

17. Quality rating with customers

Today's foundries cover the spectrum of possibilities in the above categories, and only an objective and thorough analysis will allow you to align your needs with the best foundry. If you need cast iron paper weights, your choice will come from one end of the spectrum. Alternatively, if you need castings for a commercial aircraft, you will find the best fit foundry at the other end of the spectrum.

Any foundry that is not working aggressively to stay competitive in all of the areas above, may not be a good choice as your supplier.

Please Contact Us with questions, or for more specific information. One or more of our foundries may match your niche requirements. If not, we may be able to identify other foundries for you to consider.

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