* Intricate shapes can be cast to combine thin and thick sections.

* Multiple parts can be integrated into a single casting resulting in lower manufacturing cost, increased part integrity, and shorter bill of materials.

* Castings can be produced in sizes ranging from a fraction of an ounce to thousands of pounds.

* Identification markings, such as part numbers, company name & logo, can all be cast into the surface of the part.

* Weight Reduction - put metal only where you need it for form, fit, or function.

* The near-net-shape of castings may reduce or eliminate machining.

* Properly produced castings do not have directional properties, but can be processed to have differential properties.

* Nearly all metal alloys can be cast.

* Some metal alloys are difficult or impossible to process using manufacturing methods other than casting.

* Castings offer superior aesthetics through ease of producing shapes such as curves, blended surfaces, corner fillets,... .

* Inserts (tubular, electrical, threaded, etc.) can be integrally cast into the part.

* Proprietary cast shapes can differentiate your products from those of your competitors.
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