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J. Walter Miller Co.
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

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Tom O'Heher

General Manager

Ext 115
Green sand semi-automatic and automatic molding.  Most Sand Cast Copper alloys
(brass and bronze) 
ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS  Machining, plating, coating, painting, pressure testing, leak testing,   Roberts Sinto automatic matchplate molding

Disamatic automatic matchplate molding

100% inspection available

JIT Delivery 

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Sprinkler Head - C84400 Alloy

Valve Body - C92200 Alloy - Refrigeration Application

Pump Body - C83600 Alloy - Water Application

Hose Tester - 12.5 lbs. - C84400 Alloy - 11" long - Roberts Sinto Matchplate Molding

3-Way Mixing-Diverting Valve - 4.15 lbs - C83600 Alloy - Squeezer Molding

Poppet for Check Valve - 3.5 lbs - C87500 Alloy - Roberts Sinto Matchplate Molding

Check Valve - 1.5 lbs. - Lead-Free Federalloy - Roberts Sinto Matchplate Molding

Yoke for Diaphragm Operated Air Valve
C83600 Alloy - 1 lb.
Squeezer Molding

Closed Impeller - 10 lbs
C87500 Alloy
Squeezer Molded

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Open Impeller - 20 lbs
C87500 Alloy
Squeezer Molded